Edison State College PR Dept. Knows How to Party

Edison State College has a PR problem. And, as it turns out, it’s their PR department. … Continue Reading


Pogue a Casualty of the PR-Media Complex

David Pogue, the NY Times celebrity tech writer, has been reprimanded by the Grey Lady. His crime? Having the audacity to help those of us in PR do our job more effectively, and in turn, his. I speak, of course, of his participation in events sponsored by the public relations industry in which he outlines how practitioners can be more effective with pitching their story ideas.

So, what’s the big deal?  Here’s what the Times had to say on their blog: … Continue Reading


Twitter Chats: Lurkers Welcome

Commencement for Excelsior College is this week, which means I’ve been swamped in the pre-event planning, leaving little time for blogging or anything else. That is, except for Twitter chats.

If you haven’t taken part, Twitter Chats are a great opportunity to connect with likeminded professionals, collaborate, share and solve problems. Few of my favorites include: … Continue Reading


UK’s Plan to “Name & Shame” Degree Programs

Who needs gainful employment when you can just force schools to label degrees with low-paying prospects as such?

“Communications 103: This Class Will Decrease Your Lifetime Earnings”

That, at least, is the UK’s plan as outlined by a highly anticipated white paper on higher education released by the State for Universities and Science.

From the Telegraph:

In an interview with BBC Breakfast, (David Willetts, Universities Minister) said: “There are some courses that are far better at preparing young people for the world of work than others. At the moment, the student finds it very hard to get that information.

“In future, they are going to be able to see “if I do biological sciences at one university, I have got a much better chance of a job in a pharmaceutical company than if I do biological sciences at a different university”.” … Continue Reading


This Blog is a Waste of My Time (Part 2)

Just in case you’re wondering about how competitive blogging can be, I present the infographic, “Things That Happen On Internet Every 60 Seconds.”

Few points of consideration for aspiring authors: every minute 60 new blog domains are registered and over 1,500 independent blogs published, including this one. Even more amazing? Twenty-thousand Tumblr blogs are also published within that span.    

60 Seconds - Things That Happen On Internet Every Sixty Seconds
Infographic by- Shanghai Web Designers


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